Full Frame Support & Bug Reports

If you have a question about using Full Frame, first try looking for the answer in Full Frame’s help, which you can access in the app’s Help menu.

If your question isn’t answered, or if you have a bug report, comment, or some other concern, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re a small company and we read every message we get. We always try to respond too, when appropriate.

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Please email, tweet, or fill out the following form:
  1. Please describe your concern. If you’re reporting a bug, include steps to reproduce it.
  2. Please attach a screenshot or video if it would help illustrate the problem. To capture your entire screen, press ⇧⌘3; to capture a portion, press ⇧⌘4 and select the area you want to capture. Then look on your Desktop for the resulting “Screen Shot” file. To record a video, you can use QuickTime Player.
  3. Please provide a way to contact you, like an email address or Twitter handle. If you want to remain anonymous, type “none” or anything else, but we won’t be able to help you. Inland Sea will use this information only to contact you in regard to your comment.