Full Frame
Slick photo importing and metadata editing for your Mac. Videos too.
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No databases, libraries, or clouds between you and your work.

A fast, focused app for browsing and importing photos and videos from your camera to your Mac — that’s Full Frame. Full Frame lets you save your photos and videos directly to your Mac’s file system or attached storage. No databases, libraries, or clouds to get between you and your work.

See the big picture with the thumbnails view.

The thumbnails view shows your photos and videos from newest to oldest. Scroll freely around your entire collection without having to wait for thumbnails to load. Select items to import, delete, or edit — or import all your new items at once with the click of a button.

Zoom in for a closer look with the slideshow view.

The slideshow view lets you swipe through your photos and videos one at a time. And you can zoom in for a detailed look. Choose the keepers and delete the rest right off your camera.

View and edit metadata.

Full Frame comes with a powerful metadata viewer and editor. You can edit and delete metadata and add new metadata for your photos and videos.

Apply metadata automatically with metadata presets.

Not only can you edit metadata after importing your photos and videos, you can also apply metadata automatically to photos and videos as you import them. Metadata presets are rules you create to set or exclude metadata. You can create rules that apply to all imports or only to those imports that don’t already have certain metadata.

Rename photos and videos automatically as you import them — even file them into sub-folders.

You can import your photos and videos using the file names that come out of your camera, or you can set up a rule to automatically rename them. You can rename items based on their creation dates, for example. You can even create sub-folders. And here’s a useful trick: You can use this feature to batch-rename a folder full of photos and videos. Simply browse the folder, choose a new folder to copy the items to, and click Copy.

Browse your camera, memory cards, iPhone and iPad, and folders.

Whether you’re importing from your camera, a memory card, or your iPhone or iPad, Full Frame can handle it. You can also copy between folders on your file system or attached storage.

And more.

Try Full Frame today on the Mac App Store.

Full Frame is free to download and try. You may make 100 imports, deletes, and saves each for free. After that you may purchase 100 more each for $4.99, or you may unlock the app to make unlimited imports, deletes, and saves for $29.99.