Privacy Policy

Inland Sea takes your privacy seriously. We support your right to privacy when you use our app, when you contact us, and when you visit this website.

Using Full Frame

We currently offer a single app called Full Frame. Full Frame is available only on the Mac App Store, and like all apps on the Mac App Store, it must adhere to certain restrictions imposed by Apple.

One of the most important restrictions is technical: the app sandbox, which means that, among other things, Full Frame must request permission from macOS to send or receive information over the internet.

Full Frame doesn’t request that permission because it doesn’t need to send or receive anything over the internet, and in fact it doesn’t. All the data you interact with through Full Frame — your photos, videos, and metadata — stays on your Mac. (You can verify that Full Frame doesn't request network access using the codesign tool.)

However, although Full Frame currently neither records nor transmits app usage analytics, we don’t rule out the possibility of doing so in the future. We’ll keep this policy updated as necessary.

To the extent that Inland Sea is able to view data about or generated by our users, that data is mediated by Apple. Examples of this data include crash logs and aggregated user information like how many people use Full Frame, the countries where Full Frame is used, and the versions of macOS where Full Frame is used.

Contacting Us

We indefinitely retain messages we receive from you. That means we retain any email addresses, Twitter handles, screenshots, and other information you voluntarily send us. Retaining messages helps us in several ways. For example:

We use modern security practices to protect your information and limit access to it to only those employees who require it to perform their jobs. We do not share the contents of your messages or personal information without your express consent except for cases where we may be legally required to do so to law enforcement or governments agencies.

If you contact us and would like us to delete your message, let us know in the message. If you contacted us in the past and would like us to delete your message, please write us at

Visiting Us

When you visit our website, some information about your visit is logged in our web server. This information may include:

We retain web server logs indefinitely and use them, for example, to gauge interest in our app and see which other websites have referred to ours.

About This Policy

This policy may change or be edited for clarity from time to time. Please write us at if you have any questions or comments about it.

This policy was last updated on February 8, 2019.